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Hiring Tips

Phone Call
Speak to potential candidates on the phone or video call. Ask them about their previous experience. Tell them about the job expectations and the hours you need.
When you speak to a candidate that you feel has potential, ask them if they are available to meet in person. Click on the link for some interview question ideas.
If you have a good feeling at the end of the interview, ask them if they can give you some references.
Check References
Call or email any references that the candidate has given you.
Families will sometimes check social media accounts or search the web to find out more about the potential candidate.
Background Check
Some candidates will have a background check already done. You can ask them to send you any documentation or certifications that they have.
Background Checks can help employers navigate uncertainty and hire with more confidence. is one of Canada’s leading providers of criminal background checks. You can request from your potential employer to begin the process of receiving a background check by sending them the link to the site.

How to Hire a Nanny, Elder Caregiver, Cleaner or Business Staff in the Toronto area

As of June 9th, Brief Hugs and Handholding ALLOWED for the Elderly!

Many of an estimated 150,000 nursing home residents have been confined to their rooms or floors for as long as 15 months now, cut off from most relatives as well as the outdoors.
The good news is that Long-term care residents who are fully vaccinated can now have an outside visitor, leave the home for day or overnight social outings and can take part in ‘brief hugs’ and ‘handholding,’ starting Wed June 9th, as province eases restrictions.
A maximum of two general visitors, as well as essential caregiver(s) will be allowed to visit a resident at a time.
Children under the age of two do not count towards the visitor limit
Visitors need to be screened upon arrival and should not enter the home. However, they do not need to do a rapid test as the visit will be outdoors
Proper distancing and masking must be adhered to
Some homes may not have adequate outdoor space and therefore visits can “also take place in the general vicinity of the home.”


 You have met a candidate that feels like a good fit.  Hire with peace of mind by requesting your candidate conduct a background check.
Here are different options offered on The Nanny Pages by Sterling Talent Solutions
  • Enhanced Police Information Check (E-PIC)
  • Employment Verification
  • Credit Bureau Inquiry with Identity Cross-Check
  • Education Verification
    Verification of Highest Level Completed As Listed By Candidate
  • Credential Verification -Verification of Highest Level Completed As Listed By Candidate
  • Driver Abstract
Some families prefer to do the reference checking themselves, while others would like the work done for them.
  • Basic Reference Interview
  • Basic eReference Interview 
  • Standard Reference Interview 
  • Standard eReference Interview
Let us know what type of check you are interested in and we will help you get the process started.

Home Care Vs Nursing Home During Covid

It has been many months since I have been able to hold my grandmother’s hand or give her a  hug. I miss singing to her and rubbing her back. Is she feeling lonely or scared?

Covid has brought tremendous challenges to families who have loved ones in nursing homes. The nursing homes must enforce strict rules for visitation in order to keep their patients safe. I fully respect and understand that. At the same time, I wonder if her quality of life would be better at home with a live-in caregiver. Her children and grandchildren would be able to come and visit her with masks and social distance. She would get to hear the kids singing. I wonder if the programs that she used to have in the nursing home are running in the same way that they used to. Is the nursing home bringing her enough value?
I am starting to wonder if seniors are better off at home these days.

Seniors At Risk!

Toronto Caregiver
Seniors at Risk
The Ontario government is cutting funding for pharmacy care in Ontario’s long-term care homes by almost half. They are putting our most vulnerable seniors at risk.
Seniors take many different drugs, at different times every day. Many rely on pharmacists and nurses to help them take and manage their medications.
The Ontario government currently funds programs to help seniors correctly administer and manage their medication. With the government’s cuts, this essential service would put vulnerable seniors at risk.
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