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As of June 9th, Brief Hugs and Handholding ALLOWED for the Elderly!

Many of an estimated 150,000 nursing home residents have been confined to their rooms or floors for as long as 15 months now, cut off from most relatives as well as the outdoors.
The good news is that Long-term care residents who are fully vaccinated can now have an outside visitor, leave the home for day or overnight social outings and can take part in ‘brief hugs’ and ‘handholding,’ starting Wed June 9th, as province eases restrictions.
A maximum of two general visitors, as well as essential caregiver(s) will be allowed to visit a resident at a time.
Children under the age of two do not count towards the visitor limit
Visitors need to be screened upon arrival and should not enter the home. However, they do not need to do a rapid test as the visit will be outdoors
Proper distancing and masking must be adhered to
Some homes may not have adequate outdoor space and therefore visits can “also take place in the general vicinity of the home.”

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