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Need a daily cleaning schedule for your housekeeper?



* Wash dishes

* Clear & wipe down counters

* Clear & wash table & chairs

* Wipe down stove area & sinks

* Sweep & wash floor

* Take out garbage

Living Room, Dining Room, Family Room:

* Tidy

* Sweep & wash floors

Front Hall / Foyer:

* Sweep & mop front area

* Straighten up coats, hangers & shoes

* Sweep front door mat


* Make beds & tidy the room

* Clear all dressers

* Empty garbage

* Take laundry baskets to the laundry room


Wipe down counter area, sinks, tub, & floor

* Empty garbage

* Wipe mirror


Wash & put away laundry

ONCE A WEEK TASKS: (choose one task on this list per day)

* Change linen

* Clear out fridge & freezer

* Wipe down kitchen cupboards

* Vacuum all carpets

* Dust furniture & blinds

Monthly Tasks: (Choose one task per week)

* Wipe walls

* Wipe down windows

* Dust & wipe staircase & light fixtures

* Clean oven

Please note: Schedule should be adjusted depending on the size of the home and hours of daily cleaning help.

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